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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jackson Theater at Sonoma Country Day School - Santa Rosa, California


About Perspectives

A glass with water to the middle. Do you see it as half-full, or half-empty? In the famous optical illusion, you see an old woman, and I see a young lady. When the Voyager 1 left the solar system, humans saw their home—the Earth—as we never had before. We were no longer at the center of the universe, but living on a “tiny, pale blue dot” in the vastness of space. We hear it all the time: Perspective is everything. But how are our perspectives formed? How often are we aware of them, how often do we examine them, when making decisions? Who, or what, is influencing our perspectives—the forces both seen and unseen? Once we are aware of our perspective, is there value in breaking from it? Can conflicts be solved with the empathy gained from seeing things from new perspectives, or is there more to it? Haven’t the great breakthroughs in history been a result of the artist, scientist or entrepreneur seeing things from new angles? Then why haven’t we learned to do it better, and more often? TEDxSonomaCounty will bring together leading thinkers and doers to delve into these questions and more as they explore the theme, Perspectives.

Registration opens August 1, 2016.

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  TEDxSonomaCounty 2015, held Saturday, November 7, in the Jackson Theater at Sonoma Country Day School, was our first to sell out and our best yet. A very special and heartfelt thank-you to our speakers, sponsors, organizing committee, and volunteers for all of your dedication and hard work. TEDxSonomaCounty is only possible with your support.
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"We know infinitely less about the ocean
than we do about outer space."

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TEDxSonomaCounty brings together our community with inspiring
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  • The Vivio Family
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Organizing Committee


  • Vincent Rago
    Vincent Rago
    Committee Chair

    Vincent Rago arrived at his place in West Sonoma County to experience the sensations of homebuilding, farming and living near the coast. He believes the classical concept of “synthesis from opposites” is a key element of creativity.

  • Shannon Ledger
    Shannon Ledger
    Executive Producer

    Was an executive at Yahoo! and survivor of the web's early years. Is a Sonoma County native, mother, wife, writer, and pursuer of passions.

  • Amar Hanspal
    Amar Hanspal
    License Holder

    TEDxSonomaCounty License Holder and host of this year's TEDxSonomaCounty. Currently an executive at Autodesk helping imagine, design and create a better world. Husband, father of two (+ a puppy), world traveler and frustrated writer.

  • Brad Weaver, Ed.D
    Brad Weaver, Ed.D
    Founding Partner / Host

    Brad Weaver is an independent school leader focused on creativity, youth leadership and ethical development, outdoor and experiential education, service learning, and culturally responsive teaching.

  • Karen Bergin
    Karen Bergin
    Organizing Committee

    Karen Bergin is a former banker, a lifelong learner and an avid community volunteer. She is a mother of 4, a grandmother of two, and the co-owner of a successful small business in the Napa Valley.

  • Diana Callahan
    Diana Callahan
    Organizing Committee

    Diana Callahan is wife of a cheesemaker, mother of two wild boys, loves adventures, life and people who make me think. www.bellwetherfarms.com

  • Jimi Conners
    Jimi Conners
    Organizing Committee

    Graduating in summer of 2015 from father of dogs to father of human, Jimi is an advocate for education, design, and creativity and Development Associate at Sonoma Country Day School.

  • Mari Aixalá Dawson
    Mari Aixalá Dawson
    Organizing Committee

    Mad for storytelling and travel. Creative producer, world citizen, wife, and mother of two girls. Always en route to Cuba to connect, create, and change via animarifilms.com.

  • Nancy Ferrick
    Nancy Ferrick
    Organizing Committee

    Wife, mother of two sons, retired educator, mentor, community do-gooder and volunteer. Passionate about education, social justice, family and friends.

  • Ed FitzGerald
    Ed FitzGerald
    Organizing Committee

    Ed FitzGerald father of five, grandfather, educator, cloud-head. Loves empowering others with emerging technologies, growing vegetables, and spiriting The Great Turning.

  • Elizabeth Gleadall
    Elizabeth Gleadall
    Organizing Committee

    Elizabeth Gleadall is passionate about children, education, philanthropy, and bringing joy to others. As a mother of two and Director of Development at Sonoma Country Day School, she gets to do just that.

  • Paul Godowski
    Paul Godowski
    Organizing Committee

    Paul Godowski is a husband, father of three, and a scientist who is passionate about education. He loves working with creative people willing to explore new ideas that can change the world.

  • Kate Hawley
    Kate Hawley
    Organizing Committee

    Kate Hawley wife of one. Mother of two. Friend of many. Avid world-traveler. Believer in the power of education to change the world.

  • MK Hicks
    MK Hicks
    Organizing Committee

    A two-decade Sonoma County volunteer-aholic, passionate about volunteering to enrich her community in the arts and enrichment for kids and families. This right-brain focus helps balance her left-brain career in technology, start-ups and new product introductions.

  • Julia Hochberg
    Julia Hochberg
    Organizing Committee

    Producer. Wife, mother of two girls, and admirer of creativity, design, passion, brilliance, and a good laugh.

  • Jill Murphy
    Jill Murphy
    Organizing Committee

    Jill Murphy is a design research and brand consultant. She is passionate about understanding people and their experience of the world. She is a wife and mother of one.

  • Katie Wetzel Murphy
    Katie Wetzel Murphy
    Organizing Committee

    Katie Wetzel Murphy greatest achievements: raising three children, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, driving in Paris. Loves kids, baseball and her garden, and has the most patient husband in the world.

  • Edward Wallis
    Edward Wallis
    Organizing Committee

    Edward Wallis champions a small Napa Valley winery, and loves TEDxSonomaCounty as a Brain Spa. Good clean global fun.

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This is one of the many features about "Trending Now" that will make this event be something you won't want to miss.

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This is one of the many features about "Trending Now" that will make this event be something you won't want to miss.

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This is one of the many features about "Trending Now" that will make this event be something you won't want to miss.

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